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Dielforder A, Villa IM, Berger A, Herwegh M. Tracing wedge-internal deformation by means of strontium isotope systematics of vein carbonates. Geological magazine. 2022 Feb 23;2022.

Ford M, Masini E, Vergés J, Pik R, Ternois S, Léger J et al. Evolution of a low convergence collisional orogen: a review of Pyrenean orogenesis. Bulletin - Societie Geologique de France. 2022.

Peikert J, Hampel A, Bagge M. Relative importance of poroelastic effects and viscoelastic relaxation for postseismic velocity fields after normal and thrust earthquakes: Insights from 2D finite-element modelling. Tectonophysics. 2022 Sep 5;838. 229477.

Sippl C, Dielforder A, John T, Schmalholz S. Global Constraints on Intermediate-Depth Intraslab Stresses From Slab Geometries and Mechanisms of Double Seismic Zone Earthquakes. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems. 2022 Sep 6;23(9). e2022GC010498.

Wölfler A, Hampel A, Dielforder A, Hetzel R, Glotzbach C. LGM ice extent and deglaciation history in the Gurktal and Lavantal Alps(eastern European Alps): first constraints from 10Be surface exposuredating of glacially polished quartz veins. Journal of Quaternary Science. 2022 Mai 26;37(4):677-687.


Baes M, Sobolev SV, Gerya TV, Brune S. Effect of plate motion on plume-induced subduction initiation

. in EGU 2021. 2021

Baes M, Sobolev S, Gerya T, Stern R, Brune S. Plate motion and plume-induced subduction initiation. Gondwana research. 2021 Okt;98:277-288.

Baes M, Stern RJ, Whattam S, Gerya TV, Sobolev SV. Plume-Induced Subduction Initiation: Revisiting Models and Observations. Frontiers in Earth Science. 2021 Nov 15;9. 766604.

Baes M, Sobolev SV, Hampel A. Suction-induced subduction initiation in passive margins: insights from 3d numerical models. in AGU 2021. New Orleans. 2021

Dielforder A, Hampel A. Force-Balance Analysis of Stress Changes During the Subduction-Collision Transition and Implications for the Rise of Mountain Belts. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 2021 Feb 26;126(3). e2020JB020914.

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