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Quartärgeologie, klastische Sedimentologie, Beckenanalyse / Beckenmodellierung, Neotektonik

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Baas JH, Baker ML, Buffon P, Strachan LJ, Bostock HC, Hodgson D et al. Blood, lead and spheres: A hindered settling equation for sedimentologists based on metadata analysis. The Depositional Record. 2022 Jun 20;8(2):603-615.

Brandes C, Polom U, Winsemann J, Sandersen PBE. The near-surface structure in the area of the Børglum fault, Sorgenfrei-Tornquist Zone, northern Denmark: Implications for fault kinematics, timing of fault activity and fault control on tunnel valley formation. Quaternary science reviews. 2022 Aug 1;289. 107619.

Spychala YT, Ramaaker TAB, Eggenhuisen JT, Grundvåg SA, Pohl F, Wróblewska S. Proximal to distal grain‐size distribution of basin‐floor lobes: A study from the Battfjellet Formation, Central Tertiary Basin, Svalbard. The Depositional Record. 2022 Jun 20;8(2):436-456.

Winsemann J, Hartmann T, Lang J, Fälber R, Lauer T. Depositional architecture and aggradation rates of sand-rich, supercritical alluvial fans: Control by autogenic processes or high-frequency climatic oscillations? Sedimentary geology. 2022 Okt;440. 106238.


Bell D, Soutter EL, Cumberpatch ZA, Ferguson RA, Spychala YT, Kane IA et al. Flow‐process controls on grain type distribution in an experimental turbidity current deposit: Implications for detrital signal preservation and microplastic distribution in submarine fans. The Depositional Record. 2021 Sep 26;7(3):392-415.

Brandes C, Piepjohn K. Eurekan faults on northern Ellesmere Island, Arctic Canada: from Cenozoic strike-slip tectonics to recent seismicity. Journal of Geodynamics. 2021 Mär;144. 101816.

Lang J, Le Heron DP, Van den Berg JH, Winsemann J. Bedforms and sedimentary structures related to supercritical flows in glacigenic settings. Sedimentology. 2021 Mai 24;68(4):1539-1579.

Martínez-Doñate A, Privat AMLJ, Hodgson DM, Jackson CAL, Kane IA, Spychala YT et al. Substrate Entrainment, Depositional Relief, and Sediment Capture: Impact of a Submarine Landslide on Flow Process and Sediment Supply. Frontiers in Earth Science. 2021 Nov 16;9. 757617.

Soutter EL, Bell D, Cumberpatch ZA, Ferguson RA, Spychala YT, Kane IA et al. The Influence of Confining Topography Orientation on Experimental Turbidity Currents and Geological Implications. Frontiers in Earth Science. 2021 Jan 8;8. 540633.

Winsemann J, Lang J, Fedele JJ, Zavala C, Hoyal DCJD. Re-examining models of shallow-water deltas: Insights from tank experiments and field examples. Sedimentary Geology. 2021 Jul 15;421. 105962.

Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 10 von 104
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