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Wölfler A, Hampel A, Dielforder A, Hetzel R, Glotzbach C. LGM ice extent and deglaciation history in the Gurktal and Lavantal Alps(eastern European Alps): first constraints from 10Be surface exposuredating of glacially polished quartz veins. Journal of Quaternary Science. 2022 Mai 26;37(4):677-687.


Heineke C, Hetzel R, Nilius NP, Zwingmann H, Todd A, Mulch A et al. Detachment faulting in a bivergent core complex constrained by fault gouge dating and low-temperature thermochronology. Journal of structural geology. 2019 Okt;127. 103865.

Nilius NP, Glotzbach C, Wölfler A, Hampel A, Dunkl I, Akal C et al. Exhumation history of the aydın range and the role of the büyük menderes detachment system during bivergent extension of the Central Menderes Massif, Western Turkey. Journal of the Geological Society. 2019;176(4):704-726.


Wölfler A, Glotzbach C, Heineke C, Nilius NP, Hetzel R, Hampel A et al. Late Cenozoic cooling history of the central Menderes Massif: Timing of the Büyük Menderes detachment and the relative contribution of normal faulting and erosion to rock exhumation. TECTONOPHYSICS. 2017 Okt 16;717:585-598.


Wölfler A, Kurz W, Fritz H, Glotzbach C, Danišík M. Late Miocene increasing exhumation rates in the eastern part of the Alps – Implications from low temperature thermochronology. Terra Nova. 2016;297-305.


Wölfler A, Dekant C, Frisch W, Danišík M, Frank W. Cretaceous to Miocene cooling of Austroalpine units southeast of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps) constrained by multi-system thermochronometry. Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences. 2015;18-35.

Wölfler A, Frisch W, Fritz H, Danišík M, Wölfler A. Ductile to brittle fault zone evolution in Austroalpine units to the southeast of the Tauern Window (Eastern Alps). Swiss Journal of Geosciences. 2015;239-251.


Legrain N, Stüwe K, Wölfler A. Incised relict landscapes in the eastern Alps. Geomorphology. 2014;124-138.


Wölfler A, Stüwe K, Danišík M, Evans N. Low temperature thermochronology in the Eastern Alps: Implications for structural and topographic evolution. Tectonophysics. 2012;1-18.


Kurz W, Wölfler A, Rabitsch R, Genser J. Polyphase movement on the Lavanttal Fault Zone (Eastern Alps): Reconciling the evidence from different geochronological indicators. Swiss Journal of Geosciences. 2011;323-343.

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