Tectonics, structural geology and tectonic geomorphology

Research group Prof. Dr. Hampel

The research of the working group Prof. Hampel is dedicated to tectonics and structural geology as well as to the investigation of the Earth's surface as the expression of the interplay betweeen endogeneous and exogeneous processes. As methods, numerical modelling, field work, low-temperature thermochronology and cosmogenic nuclides are applied. Main working areas are the European Alps, western Turkey, China, the Andes and the Basin-and-Range Province in the western U.S..


  • Neotectonics and tectonic geomorphology
  • Interaction of tectonics and Earth surface processes
  • Geodynamics of subduction zones
  • Mechanics of faults
  • Response of faults to climate-induced mass changes on the Earth's surface
  • Numerical modelling of earthquake cycles
  • Analysis of co- and postseismic Coulomb stress changes
  • Numerical modelling of landscape evolution and tectonic processes


  • Sample preparation for apatite and zircon fission track and (U-Th)/He analysis
  • Microscope system for the analysis of fission tracks in apatite and zircon
  • Laboratory for cosmogenic nuclides