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Baes M, Govers R, Wortel R. Subduction initiation along the inherited weakness zone at the edge of a slab: Insights from numerical models. Geophysical Journal International. 2011.

Baes M, Govers R, Wortel R. Switching between alternative responses of the lithosphere to continental collision. Geophysical Journal International. 2011.

Govers R, Wortel R, Baes M. Initiation of the post-Oligocene subduction phase in the Western Mediterranean. In EGU 2011. 2011

Kurz W, Wölfler A, Rabitsch R, Genser J. Polyphase movement on the Lavanttal Fault Zone (Eastern Alps): Reconciling the evidence from different geochronological indicators. Swiss Journal of Geosciences. 2011;323-343.

Wölfler A, Kurz W, Fritz H, Stüwe K. Lateral extrusion in the Eastern Alps revisited: Refining the model by thermochronological, sedimentary, and seismic data. Tectonics. 2011.

Wortel R, Govers R, Baes M. Plate boundary reorganization in the western-central Mediterranean: Initiation of subduction along the southern boundaries? In EGU 2011. 2011


Baes M, Govers R, Wortel R. Subduction initiation along a weakened margin: Insights from Numerical models of STEP faults. In EGU 2010. 2010

Hampel A, Hetzel R, Maniatis G. Response of faults to climate-driven changes in ice and water volumes on earth's surface. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences. 2010 May 28;368(1919):2501-2517.

Hampel A, Karow T, Maniatis G, Hetzel R. Slip rate variations on faults during glacial loading and post-glacial unloading: Implications for the viscosity structure of the lithosphere. Journal of the Geological Society. 2010 Mar;167(2):385-399.

Karow T, Hampel A. Slip rate variations on faults in the Basin-and-Range Province caused by regression of Late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville and Lake Lahontan. International Journal of Earth Sciences. 2010 Dec;99(8):1941-1953.

Showing entries 91 - 100 out of 132
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