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Tectonics, structural geology and tectonic geomorphology

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Roggon L, Hetzel R, Hiesinger H, Clark JD, Hampel A, van der Bogert CH. Length-displacement scaling of thrust faults on the Moon and the formation of uphill-facing scarps. ICARUS. 2017 Aug 1;292:111-124.

Wölfler A, Glotzbach C, Heineke C, Nilius NP, Hetzel R, Hampel A et al. Late Cenozoic cooling history of the central Menderes Massif: Timing of the Büyük Menderes detachment and the relative contribution of normal faulting and erosion to rock exhumation. TECTONOPHYSICS. 2017 Oct 16;717:585-598.

Zeumann S, Hampel A. Impact of Cocos Ridge (Central America) subduction on the forearc drainage system. GEOLOGY. 2017 Oct 1;45(10):907-910.


Baes M, Gerya TV, Sobolev SV. 3-D numerical modeling of plume-induced subduction initiation. In EGU 2016. 2016

Baes M, Gerya T, Sobolev SV. 3-D thermo-mechanical modeling of plume-induced subduction initiation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 2016.

Baes M, Sobolev SV. Can mantle suction flow trigger subduction initiation at passive margins. In 35th International Geological Congress. Cape Town, South Africa. 2016

Bagge M, Hampel A. Three-dimensional finite-element modelling of coseismic Coulomb stress changes on intra-continental dip-slip faults. TECTONOPHYSICS. 2016 Aug 2;684:52-62.

Dielforder A, Berger A, Herwegh M. The accretion of foreland basin sediments during early stages of continental collision in the European Alps and similarities to accretionary wedge tectonics. Tectonics. 2016;2016(35).

Hampel A, Hetzel R. Role of climate changes for wind gap formation in a young, actively growing mountain range. TERRA NOVA. 2016 Dec 1;28(6):441-448.

Wölfler A, Kurz W, Fritz H, Glotzbach C, Danišík M. Late Miocene increasing exhumation rates in the eastern part of the Alps – Implications from low temperature thermochronology. Terra Nova. 2016;297-305.

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