Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Palynology

Research group Prof. Dr. Heimhofer

© Luz Marls, Algarve Becken, Portugal

The research group of Prof. Heimhofer deals with the interaction of climate, biological evolution and biogeochemical cycles on geological timescales. For the reconstruction of climatic events and biotic crises in Earth’s history, sedimentary archives are studied by utilizing stratigraphic, palontological and geochemical methods. The main focus is on sedimentary deposits formed during greenhouse climate conditions of the Mesozoic.


  • Chemostratigraphy of Mesozoic sedimentary rocks
  • Cretaceous shallow-water carbonates as archives of paleoenvironmental conditions
  • Sclerochemistry of fossil mollusk shells
  • Studies of terrestrial paleoclimates during the late Mesozoic


  • ThermoScientific Delta V Advantage isotope ratio spectrometer
  • Gas Bench II for C & O isotope analysis of carbonates
  • ThermoScientific TC/EA coupled to COSTECH autosampler
  • Olympus BX 53 light microscope, XC 50 digital camera, X-cite series 120Q fluorescence
  • Merchantek (New Wave) Mikromill