Quaternary Geology, Clastic Sedimentology , Basin analysis / Basin modelling, Neotectonics

Research group Prof. Dr. Winsemann

The group of Prof. Winsemann investigates the interplay of tectonic processes and the evolution and fill of sedimentary basins on different spatial and temporal scales. The basin-fills are analysed using sedimentological and geophysical methods. Numerical simulations are conducted to quantify the subsidence and temperature history. We specially focus on Quaternary basin-fills. For this societally-relevant period of Earth’s history, the working group develops depositional models and carries out neotectonic studies to better understand the controlling factors for seismicity at active plate margins and in intraplate areas.


  • Quaternary geology
  • Clastic sedimentology
  • Basin analysis / basin modelling / basin dynamics


  • Sedimentation in glacigenic and periglacial depositional systems
  • Sedimentation in deep marine depositional systems
  • Morphodynamics of supercritical flows
  • Intraplate tectonics and post-glacial fault reactivation
  • Geodynamics of active continental margins and fold-and-thrust belts


  • Facies analysis
  • Interpretation of subsurface data (seismic, ground-penetrating radar, boreholes)
  • 3D subsurface modelling (Skua-Gocad, Kingdom Suite)
  • Basin modelling (Petromod)
  • Tectonic modelling (Move)